Percepto – Autonomous Drones

Percepto is the market leader of autonomous drone solutions for critical infrastructure and industrial sites. Percepto’s on-site autonomous drones change the way aerial data is collected and perceived. Without the need for a pilot, Percepto’s autonomous drones perform versatile missions around the clock. Organizations using the Percepto solution are better aware of events taking place, allowing them to be proactive and more efficient in addressing risks and operational needs. Using Percepto’s solution, these organizations reap the benefits of increased productivity and enhanced security while reducing risks and operational costs.

What makes your products / services stand out?

Percepto manufactures a mature, deployed and easy to use Drone-in-a-Box (DIB) solution. The Percepto solution goes beyond automating aerial data collection; it is an insight generator for a variety of end-users such as transportation hubs. Once located permanently on-site, every stakeholder can plan and schedule dozens of daily aerial missions that would assist teams to better manage operations, maintenance and unexpected events at their site. The Percepto solution enhances security operations while reducing costs, increases operational availability as well as monitors emergency events while keeping team members safe. Based on proprietary computer vision and AI capabilities , Percepto presents the most advanced DIB in the market, supporting a variety of teams with proven return on investment.

What brings you to the EXPO this year?

Leading global aviation authorities, like other critical facilities world wide, are exploring the integration of drones into their daily security and inspection operations. The ACI Annual Congress is a great opportunity to present how autonomous drones can advance airport operations and become an essential sensor that is constantly collecting aerial data, generating actionable insights and becoming an essential component of the security and inspection operations.

Why should visitors come to your stand and what can they expect to see?

We will be showcasing our Sparrow, the most advanced autonomous drone in the market, and share how customers worldwide are relying on autonomous drones to reduce safety risks and increase overall security. We will delve into the implementation of DIB solution within your airport and examine together how DIB will provide great aerial insights to your various teams.

Which technology or trend do you think will have the biggest impact on the air transport industry in 2019?

With recent airport shut-downs due to rogue drones, we believe that technologies monitoring and intercepting rogue drone operations will have a significant impact on the air transport industry. In parallel, Percepto offers an autonomous drone solution as an advanced (and friendly!!) aerial tool to support airport operations and provide constant aerial insights across facilities.